Pilates with Cheryl

Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Cheryl, I’ve been teaching the Pilates method since 2001 and have recently attained certificate IV accreditation in Matwork Pilates with Polestar Pilates. This is the second Pilates training course I have completed in Pilates, not including a correspondence course I have also done. The Polestar accreditation proved to me that my first course, through the Pilates Institute of Australia, provided me with an excellent basis on which to further advance my knowledge and teaching abilities with the Polestar training. This further training has greatly advanced my knowledge in body movement and has given me additional tools to use for body assessment to determine the exercises the student requires in order to gain improvements in problem areas.

I am very passionate about Pilates and receive great fulfilment at the benefits on so many levels it brings to people’s well-being. By having Pilates as a regular part of your life, you will achieve a comfortable body with full range of movement, being my one of my goals in life which I pass on to my students. I have students of all ages who have been doing the method regularly and it’s wonderful to see the postural improvements gained and the removal of persistent aches or pains by simply putting their bodies through functional movements whilst applying the Pilates principles. I am also inspired by some of the abilities my more senior students are capable of, which I hope to be able to achieve in my advancing years.

I have now lived in Cairns for more than 20 years, having relocated from Brisbane where I grew up in the Redlands, I have a beautiful daughter who is a wonderful part of my life. Outside of Pilates, I have an extensive career in land administration with its many myriads which I find very satisfying and feel valued in my current employment. I am also a keen gardener.

I encourage people of all ages and abilities to try Pilates as every movement can be modified to suit the body’s capabilities, I would love to see you at one of my classes.

kind regards